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Meet the Kuoda Family

  Mery Calderon - Founder and President

I care deeply about the experience of each and every guest, so I look forward to meeting you in Cusco and hearing about your experience. Remember, you can always call me to ask questions about your trip or just to chat!

  Emily Guilmette - Marketing Director

I am delighted to be charged with telling the world about Kuoda! It's my job to make sure you have all the information about us that you need. And it's also my job to share what we love about South America with you via our Facebook, Blog and Twitter communities.

  Thomas Adams - Travel Designer

I'm in charge of helping you create the perfect itinerary and then making sure that all details are in place for your arrival. I love birds so make sure to ask me how to best experience South America's wildlife!

  Jonathan Goldsmith - Travel Designer

I'm in charge of helping you create the perfect itinerary and then making sure that all details are in place for your arrival.

  Jesus Ramos - Travel Designer

I work with you to develop the perfect itinerary and then, I work with our office team to make sure that everything is ready for your trip. I love off-the-beaten-path experiences, so let me help you have a great one!

  Corey Jay - Travel Designer

It is my goal to help you create your ideal travel itinerary. I am committed to making sure all of the details of your trip are taken care of, and that your journey is designed to be exactly how you want it!

  Cinthia Puente De La Vega - Operations Manager

I work with your Travel Designer and our office team to make sure that all of the behind-the-scenes details that will make your trip great are in place!

  Alex Baca - Reservations Manager

I am in charge of all your hotel reservations and make sure you have the best night's sleep in each destination! It is my job to ensure that all your hotels are confirmed and that you can just arrive and enjoy a good night's rest!

  Nadia Vizcarra - Chief Financial Officer

I make sure that Kuoda works financially. And I love that I get to do that for a company that is devoted to making you happy and that is devoted to the sustainability of local cultures and the environment!

  Cleydy Calderon -Logistics and Experience Coordinator

It is my job to make sure ensure the office operations work like clockwork. It is my responsibility to ensure that the entire Kuoda team has everything they need to make your adventure perfect in every way.

  David Ortegado - Logistics and Reservations Supervisor

I am in charge of making sure your itinerary is logistically seamless, and that all your trains, flights, and transport are booked and ready to go. It is my pleasure to ensure you will get the bus or train reservations that you need and can sit back and enjoy your stay!

  Mariela Hurtado - Accountant

II help Nadia make sure that all the operations are financially secure so that you have a perfect Peruvian Adventure!

  Eder Quispe - IT Director and Interactive Designer

I make sure our website has everything you need to know about Kuoda! And I also make sure you can get in touch with us whenever you need us!


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Highly recommend Kuoda


We chose Kuoda solely based on Trip Advisor reviews. In short they exceeded our expectations for our trip to Peru and I would recommend them to anyone travelling there. Our starting point was hesitancy about using a local company that we hadn't heard of. Peru is an amazing country to visit with much to experience, given its history, culture, environment, food, etc. Kuoda organized a trip for us to get the most out of our time there. A big part of what made our trip special was the people associated with Kuoda that contributed to our trip. Thomas organized our travels and schedule and was a pleasure to deal with. He made sure to meet us in Cusco one morning which was nice after so many emails with him setting up our trip. Eduardo, our primary guide, was excellent. He patiently explained everything we were experiencing and answered all of our endless questions. We thoroughly enjoyed spending a few days with him as well as our primary driver Marco. Mary, the Kuoda owner, also made sure to meet us in person one morning in Cusco. Edgar and everyone else involved were also helpful.

Peru deserves a place on anyone's travel list and I can't picture a better way to experience it than to let Kuoda organize a trip.

Timber F. USA
Discover Southern Peru, December 2014



I am an American Travel Agent and Tour Operator for ski travel. When I went to Peru with friends and family, realizing that this was not my expertise, I booked with Kuoda - because it is their expertise! I had heard of Kuoda through a friend who traveled with them and recommended them. Each hotel was carefully chosen based on our desires and each one was exceptional, our van was spotless and comfortable and our driver was wonderful, and our personal guides were incredible. We never would have learned as much about the history and culture without the personal guides. They made travel simple and removed all the stress and worry, picking us up every morning and taking us to so many wonderful places, and teaching us so much about the places we were seeing. We traveled at ease knowing that every detail and every possible problem would be handled, and it was. I cannot say enough about Kuoda - they excel at what they do. After our 10 day trip with Kuoda, we stayed in Lima for a week visiting family. The stress we felt immediately upon landing in Lima and having to get a taxi to our hotel was so nerve racking (many different taxi companies bombarded us with conflicting directions and large differences in costs), that we kept on saying "we should have had Kuoda handle this for us too!" Having traveled extensively my whole life, and being in the travel business, I am comfortable traveling on my own, but for this trip I am very happy that I used Kuoda, as it was the least stressful trip of my life.

Karen S. USA
A Magical Peruvian Advenures, December 2014

Best care over


We had the pleasure of visiting Peru for 21 days. Kuoda Travels made this trip the best trip we have ever had with the private tours they offer. Kuoda was able to customize and personalize our trip to meet our desires, and far more than what we had expected. We had english speaking guides and drivers with us at all times. The guides were very knowledgeable of the local areas and showed us attractions, local events, and introduced us to people of the areas where we were in. We would have never seen these on our own, we were never rushed to get back to our hotels. From when we first started planning a holiday to Peru, until we got on the plane to fly back to Canada, Kuoda Travels took care of us. We flew 3 times while in Peru and traveled by guided vehicles and at no time were we ever left alone, or having the feeling that we may not make our next connection or destination. The accommodation, guides for the different areas, events, attractions they picked were fantastic. Because of the professional way they treated us at all times, we are planning on returning to Peru so we can visit with Kuoda personal and their guides. We will be sharing our next trip with our family.

Andy C. USA
Journey to the Center of the Inca Empire, November 2014

Outstanding Company


We used Kuoda to book our honeymoon in November of 2011 and I could not be more happy with their services. Usually when I travel I like to plan the trip myself and avoid guided tours. But coming off of wedding planning left us too drained to plan an international trip too. My husband found Kuoda and decided to use them. We could not have expected better; even the initial planning emails were super helpful and they were able to come up with an itinerary that fit our time and budget constraints without any issues. Everything was super well planned. The guides we had were great! With private guides, it isn't your typical guided tour group experience. We did have guided tours in the Amazon and traveling from Cusco to Puno, but both were great. Kuoda's planning was so well detailed that when we arrived in Cusco it was just past lunch time and we hadn't eaten; our guide asked us if we needed to stop anywhere like an ATM and we asked about stopping for food. He then produced two lunch boxes for us: they already knew we'd be hungry and planned accordingly. We were so impressed! When our flight back to Lima was delayed our guide was able to adjust her plan for us accordingly and made sure we saw what she considered the best of Lima, despite our losing some hours. In Cusco, where they are based, they even made sure to have an office representative introduce himself to us, just so we could meet. I have recommended Kuoda to any person who tells me they are going to Peru; they are definitely worth it! A coworker followed my advice and was happy with them as well. I cannot recommend this company enough!

Sara B. USA
A Magical Peruvian Advenures, November 2014

Absolutely the Best


Kuoda travel planned and executed out 2 weeks holiday in Peru . They gave us an itinerary that got us acclimatized before we did the Cusco walk . We started in Arequipa and then to Cocha Valley and then Puno and Lake Titicaca before Macchu Picchu .

They booked wonderful hotels and were always on time and had good English speaking Guides.

We got to Meet Mery in Cusco and it was such a pleasure to thank her in person I have nothing but praise for the way she runs her company and I would recommend ,without reservation, that you contact them to plan your trip .

Indira P. USA
Journey to the Center of the Inca Empire, October 2014



We just got back from a 2-week trip to Peru that was organized A to Z by Kuoda. Our experience was fantastic. Hotels were top-notch, schedule was like clockwork, guides were interesting and attentive and - above all - the service was absolutely amazing. The staff pampered us and took care of all our needs, and any minor concerns were dealt with on the spot. I have rarely experienced such efficient and attentive service in any industry. I recommend Kuoda very, very highly.

A Magical Peruvian Advenures, October 2014

Family Peru Trip


I recently went to Peru with my father, and we had a limited amount of time and a lot of things we wanted to see. Kuoda planned in everything we asked for, and even more amazingly, it never felt rushed. I had time to spend at the places I really wanted to visit, and got to see a huge amount of Peru in just 10 days. The guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and were clearly very proud of Peru, and seemed happy to be able to share the sights with us. I will definitely be returning to Peru, and I will definitely be using Kuoda again.

Paige H. USA
Discover Southern Peru, September 2014

Two weeks in Peru


We used the Kuoda travel to plan our 25th wedding anniversary. Jane Byrne was our travel agent. The trip was without a doubt the best planned trip we ever had had. We have travel extensively through out the world. A member of the agency met us in every airport, a driver and a great travel guide for each city we visit. When we were ready to go to a different city, they would meet us with our boarding passes. All the hotels were super beautiful. They arrange two meals with local families. The guides that they use in each city were local guides, they all had lived all their lives in that city. They knew all the locals. The owner of the travel agency met us at an airport, just to make sure that all of our arrangements had gone smoothly. First Class service!!!

John H USA
Journey to the Center of the Inca Empire, September 2014

The Best Travel Company in Peru


You will undoubtedly be in excellent hands with Kuoda Travel. Thomas put together an excellent itinerary for the four of us (two couples) that lasted for 14 days. Once we landed in Lima from Houston, everything was handled for us which relieved all of the potential 'logistics stress.' Accommodations were beautiful, activities were unique, and we were able to relax while enjoying Peru 'off the beaten path.' We were completely impressed with Kuoda. Founded by Mery Calderon (President of Kuoda), the company does an excellent job of making you feel cared for while giving you the space that you need to both plan and enjoy a trip. Mery even visited with us over breakfast in Cusco - she was very interested in learning about our travel experience and gathering feedback to improve her company. We would love to travel with Kuoda again in Ecuador/Galapagos and/or Bolivia.

Note: If traveling to Peru, do not miss Lake Titicaca. It was a highlight for us :-)

Alexis S. USA
A Magical Peruvian Advenures, September 2014

Treated like family


We booked a two week honeymoon with Kuoda, travelling from the UK to explore Quito, the Galapagos Islands and La Selva lodge in Ecuadorian rainforest. Kuoda were very professional and attentive and could not fault the service we received. We had a fantastic honeymoon.

Andy D. USA
A Magical Peruvian Advenures, August 2014

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