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"The trip was planned very well and lot of small details were thought about which was much appreciated"

Thank you for all of your help in putting together a wonderful trip to Peru! We had a fantastic time and were able to accomplish quite a lot in our short time there.

Overall, the trip was planned very well and lot of small details were thought about which was much appreciated (all of the tickets purchased in advance, water in the car, oxygen, the ease of changing anything we may have wanted to do or see, a representative waiting for us in Lima and offering the airport hotel as an option prior to our flight home). Ofelia was lovely and extremely knowledgable as well and we felt safe with Jaime behind the wheel. And of course, Mery's assistance during the flight delay was fantastic...

Thank you all for providing such a great experience that we will be sure to remember!

E. Goldman, USA
Machu Picchu Adventure
April 2013

Lake TiticacaThis amazing and beautiful lake is both the largest in South America as well as the highest navigable (commercially) lake on the planet. As you gaze out over it, it's hard to believe that it actually is a lake and not an ocean as there is no land visible on the other side.

It is the birthplace of many legends and sacred for the indigenous people. One legend states that here was born Manco Capac, sacred son of Inti, sun god of the Incas. Along with his sister-wife, Mama Ocllo, he founded the Empire of the Incas.

Titicaca has more than 25 rivers merging into it, helping it to provide a home for a great diversity of wildlife. There are also 41 islands to be found in its waters, including those found on both the Bolivian and Peruvian side as the two countries share the lake.

The setting off point for Lake Titicaca tours to the islands on the Bolivian side is Copacabana, a delightful small coastal town that is lovely place to relax on your journey. From here, you can travel to the Islands of the Sun and the Moon (Isla de Sol y de la Luna), a trip that has a rather mystical feel to it.

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